The Balance of People, Processes and Tools Provides the greatest harmony within a business

Over 20 years of advising fortune 500 companies across various industries for deploying IT Infrastructures. 

Improving the relationships between business and IT leveraging best ITIL and Lean Six-Sigma practices. 


IT Service Management

To achieve an efficient and effective service management function, IT must work as a system.

IT Infrastructure


At Tech3pro, we are not just “thinkers”, we are also “doers”.

Data Center


Tech3pro has migrated and transformed Data Centers for Fortune 100 and 500 companies both domestically and globally.

Networks and SDWAN


Why should companies care about Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SDWAN)?

Analytics for IT


In today’s environment of digital business models, platforms and ecosystems, it is urgent that companies prioritize digital transformation in their strategies.

Backups and Security

At some point in time, you are going to need to recover some data.  Do you have a backup?

Security Monitoring

Just as much as IT needs to monitor the delivery of services end users expect.

Business Continuity Services and Disaster Recovery

Every organization (Public or Private) is either required by regulation or by their governing body (Board of Directors) to develop, maintain and test a company’s contingency plans.

Project Management

It is necessary to track or measure the progress a company has achieved towards a goal they wish to accomplish.
Project Management is used to aid us in maximizing and optimizing our resources to accomplish our goals.

It helps us in MEASURING

Are we efficient?

Are we productive?

Are we doing a good job?

What is the outcome?

Is it what we intended it to be?

If you can’t PLAN IT, you CAN’T DO IT.

If you can’t MEASURE IT, you can’t MANAGE it.

Continuous Improvements in
Service Delivery


Tech3pro is committed to deliver the best value at an affordable price. We are able to deliver services because we have the skills and experience to avoid the basic errors made by many companies attempting to deliver best practices.