Business Continuity

Business Continuity (“BC”) vs Disaster Recovery (“DR”)

Definition and Characteristics

Business Continuity

Ensuring the availability of critical business functions to support the Clients’ mission of serving the customer”

1.Business focused

2.Assess potential threats to business operations

3.Prioritize risks to prepare for vs. accept

4.Plan alternate business processes around highest priority risks

5.Train for, test, and maintain these processes

6.Complements the DR plan

Disaster Recovery

The steps to quickly resume critical IT services in the event of an outage

1.Technology focused

2.Quickly restore services to key primary systems or default to backup (i.e. DR) site

3.Transition data and processing back to primary systems after event is resolved

4.Train for, test, and maintain these processes

5.Complements the BC plan

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and DR Plans describe and define organizations’ preparedness for unforeseen risks to business operations


Business Impact Analysis


Risk Analysis


Accountability & Key Business Owners


Contacts & Communication


Data Security / IT Recovery


Key Process Recovery


Training, testing, and auditing

Business Continuity Plans should incorporate all of these components to ensure a comprehensive plan

Objective: Create a Business Continuity Playbook that is…

  • Leverage existing Client documents (eg: BIA, Exec Presentations, DR plans)
  • Leverage application and infrastructure asset management as jumpstart for BIA
  • Leverage existing DR Policy
  • Modify Client plans as necessary to include all BCP components
  • Reviewed by Tech3pro Professionals
  • Pilot with Client

A comprehensive Business Continuity Playbook,  outlining critical plan components to be included, will help Clients create plans that, in the event of an outage or disaster, will enable their organization to quickly return to normal business operations

BC Playbook Timeline and Milestones

 Next Steps: Partner with IT Teams and Company Leadership to drive playbook across enterprise

Assessment of Current Client Plans Reviewed

Do current plans incorporate “best practice” BCP components?

Though some key components are incorporated in all of the plans, few plans include all suggested elements.