Analytics for IT Infrastructure

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Analytics for IT Infrastructure


In today’s environment of digital business models, platforms and ecosystems, it is urgent that companies prioritize digital transformation in their strategies. Understanding their IT capabilities and capacities to support business initiatives is imperative. Even ITIL’s guiding principles state clearly to measure what and how your IT areas are providing!


Why are analytics a critical component for companies? Why would you try to navigate somewhere without a map? Would you hit the road without knowing how much fuel you have in the tank or if the tires are properly inflated? No, of course not. Most people check to make sure they can make it to their destination. Companies should know if their IT vehicle has enough fuel and proper working equipment to achieve desired business outcomes!


Tech3pro has helped companies assess their IT processes and tools to help identify key performance indicators and use metrics to determine how to get their IT from a 4-cylinder vehicle up to a turbo V8!


Whether on premise or using a hybrid cloud environment, we can help develop analytics to help achieve your business initiatives. Gartner states current and future strategic planning will:


By 2022, augmented analytics technology will be pervasive, but only 10% of analysts will use its full potential.


By 2023, 90% the world’s top 500 companies will have converged analytics governance into broader data and analytics governance initiatives.


By 2025, 80% of consumer or industrial products containing electronics will incorporate on-device analytics.


By 2025, data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics, and 75% of stories will be
automatically generated using augmented analytics techniques.


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