IT Infrastructure Assessments

IT Assessments for IT Infrastructure


At Tech3pro, we are not just “thinkers”, we are also “doers”. We focus on governance of many areas of technology implementations that always cover four main towers of Infrastructure: Service Desk; Client Services; Hosting-Storage and Network-Telecom.  Our approach to governance starts with an IT risk assessment that incorporates the following:

Platform Stability: Coordinate with Company on current platforms for delivery of services, lifecycle management and impact of outages to a Company

Security Exposure: Identifying vulnerabilities and working with vendors to remediate vulnerabilities on IT infrastructure

Interoperability Of New Platforms: Introduced must be able to connect to existing systems/platforms and have well-defined support processes

Operational and Financial Impact:  New technology requires a transition to IT Operations for steady-state support. Tech3pro also assists in determining the financial costs to the business and ensure lowest costs

Scalability of Platforms: Empowering growth, the infrastructure must be able to ramp up or down. TECH3PRO assists each Company implement their business strategy by validating the capabilities to support the business in the future