Working From Home

With the outbreak of Corovid-19, Corona virus, the government has strongly requested the public and business sectors to STAY HOME, Hunker DOWN, HIBERNATE, Don’t Contaminate!  What are CEOs and CIOs doing to ensure businesses continue to operate as normal – even during major disruptions like a pandemic! Right now, IT infrastructure, domestic and global networks are being stretched to their limits within each business.

There are many lessons learned that will come from living and working through this corona virus attack, mostly that business culture must adapt and overcome these types of future challenges. It is simple and easy enough to pour lots of money to upgrade infrastructure, to provide for alternative work processes with resources (work from home; shifting work schedules (flex time), however, the management must develop a new mindset on HOW to manage people, processes and technology in a virtual environment. I see many articles now starting to appear on processes for developing, mentoring and managing a virtual work force. This will be a critical skill of management (front line AND executive) capabilities in the upcoming decades. Executive management must set the example of managing virtual teams and develop new policies and procedures to follow!